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As the core of our design business, we craft unique online solutions that fit your specific needs. This includes Web sites, shopping carts, blogs, mobile device, and maintenance. We also have gorgeous ready made web site templates to showcase your products

Stats You Need to Know

Stats You Need to Know


Customers who base their initial thoughts on a business by the design of their Web site

Let’s make your Web site modern, appealing, and flawless so that customers recommend you.

Smart Insights


Consumers who begin their search on a mobile device.

Creating a flexible layout makes content easier to read on their device.

Smart Insights


Consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.

A mobile ready site makes it easier for a customer to use their mobile device when they’re ready to buy locally.



Customers who are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing.

If you’re just phoning in your mobile experience, 40% of your lost customers visit a competitor’s site instead.

McKinsey & Company

Mobile Friendly

So, what’s mobile friendly design and why do I need it?

Mobile friendly design is common phrase used to describe the industry term Responsive Web design (RWD). Because tablets & mobile devices are now more popular than ever, your one-page resume Web site works brilliantly on every device.

Don’t fall behind!

More than 94% of customers look at your Web site on their mobile device.

It’s important to contemporize your Web site up-to-date with mobile friendly design.
This gives potential employers immediate grasp of your capable achievements.

Modern, One-Page Small Business Web Sites

Sometimes, less is more.

A flexible one-page, mobile-friendly Web site is for you, if you only want a simple Web presence.

Your Personal Brand Built With a Style Tile

Your Personal Brand Built With a Style Tile

A Style Tile is an innovative way to quickly capture your personality essence.

This is the first step before we create your Web site.



Together, we review personality traits that include your personal philosophy, mantras, work ethic, and other cultural highlights.



Next, I translate them into appropriate fonts, colors and interface elements that communicate the essence of your visual brand.



Like fabric swatches and paint chips are to an interior designer, tiles contain the necessary visual information and are conveyed in this concise presentation.


From One Page Templates – Full Service Custom Web Sites

Single Page Web Site

  • Wordpress Installation/SetUp
  • Your Template Choice (from 3 predesigned)
  • Your Style Tile Choice (from 3 predesigned)
  • Email Opt-In
  • Social Media Integration

5+ Web Site Template

  • Wordpress Installation/SetUp
  • 5 Standard Pages
  • Your Template Choice (from 3 predesigned)
  • Your Style Tile Choice (from 3 predesigned)
  • Email Opt-In
  • Social Media Integration
  • External Shopping Cart Widget

Custom Web Site

  • Wordpress Installation/SetUp
  • Custom Template Design
  • Email Opt-In
  • Social Media Integration
  • 10+ Pages
  • External Shopping Cart Widget

Custom Premium Web Site

  • Wordpress Installation/SetUp
  • Custom Design
  • Blog Setup
  • Blog Editorial Calendar
  • Email Set Up + Opt-In
  • Social Media Integration (Facebook + Twitter Setup)
  • 10+ Pages
  • Shopping Cart
  • Web Site Maintenance

*Prices are subject to change. Prices for custom Web sites are just an estimate due to likelihood of changed minds.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
For Web Site Templates
Why Do I Have to Have a Web site (if I have ETSY, BigCartel, etc)?
Regardless of the market you're working with (ETSY, SquareUp, BigCartel, etc), you want a central hub for all of your activity. These markets come and go -nothing is permanent- so it's up to you to build your home. It's much easier to point your customers to yourwebsite.com first (vs a convoluted address that contains web site address, forward slashes, hyphens, shop dot com again). Crazy, huh? I'm here to simplify your business home.
How Long Will It Take?
If we're working on a basic 5 page layout and provided you have all the content (words + pictures) needed to complete the Web site, it should take no more than about 6 weeks. Ideally, when we communicate on a regular basis (about every 2 business days), we can make some heady progress, but that rarely happens due to schedules and this little thing called 'life.' With my experience, I like to be realistic with expectation. Be prepared for some unexpected delays on your end, because creating content can and does take longer than anticipated.
What If I Want Changes to the Web Site?
Let's start with what I know works. The Web sites I've created are based on years of experience with architecture design. Web site architecture and flow are fundamental to making your business shine. Any derivation will create this thing called 'Scope Creep' and that incurs additional fees. Consider Phase by Phase Implementation After your Web site has been up and running for at least 6 months, then by all means, consider whether changes are a good idea. Let's say you decide that you're going to make your own changes. After fiddling with it you realize that you've made a horrible mistake, we can remedy that with a backup replacement. I know you're probably feeling empowered to make updates, but don't confuse those with design changes. You Love My Work But Want Your Own Custom Site If you want a completely different site, I can do that, too. Just so you know, custom sites incurs extra fees.
Can You Make Changes To My Photos?
Making changes to photos or creating graphics from scratch are not included in this template. Note: Photo/Graphic dimensions are available with the template for your own use. Photo/graphic dimensions will be provided upon contract signature & deposit. If you want/need changes above and beyond the basic guidelines, we can accomplish this one of a few ways:
  • I can provide you images the size needed for your templates (for a small fee), or
  • I can provide full Photoshop file template sized with the photo/graphic dimensions so that you can import, crop, and fidget with your own (for a fee), or
  • I can make all photo sizing changes (for additional larger fee).
Filters, clean up, special layouts are not included. If you want these special features, let's talk.
Can you tweak or design a logo for me?
Making changes/tweaks to your logo or creating a logo from scratch are not included in this template.

What is included is text logo & tagline (if you have one). This means your business name and tagline are typed out into text. Once I receive your graphics (if that includes a logo) then I replace the text logo w/your graphic. Otherwise, the text logo remains the same.

If you want/need changes to your logo, we can discuss your logo as a separate project.
Is hosting my Web site and domain the same thing?
In short, no.
  1. Your new Web site will be hosted through my recommended ISP called SiteGround, and
  2. If you already have a domain name, I will help you move it if you desire.
It's just easier to keep both your domain and web site in one place. Because I have over a dozen, believe me when I say that you can quickly lose track of your assets. Note: Please don't rush out and purchase a domain/hosting thru GoDaddy or any other large company you see advertised during the SuperBowl. It's been my experience that these large companies have dubious practices and breakups are extremely painful.
Do I need a blog?
I highly recommend it -even if you don't update it as 'frequently as the experts tell you.'  This injects life into your static Web site and helps Google more than you know. This also confirms that you're still in business -a definite question among customers who are curious about whether they can purchase a piece from you. A blog is a place for you to make announcements about
  • New products
  • Awards
  • Upcoming shows
  • Partnerships
  • and more.
A blog will be part of your basic template, so you're covered.
Can I sell from my new Web site if I have ETSY (or BigCartel, etc)?
In essence yes, but not directly. Based on these templates, I have included the ability to pull in your ETSY shop (or any other shop) with a widget. The widget pulls in categories where ever you want them on your Web site. However, this does not mean you'll be selling directly from your Web site. The widget gives your products the ability to be linked to your ETSY shop, however each image sends the customer back to the ETSY web site. Take a look at SteampunkStewie.com. It's a live site using the ETSY widget and you can see it in action. LSD+M-SPSScreenShot
Can I have a separate shopping cart?
Creating a shopping cart at this time is not included in this template. This template gives you the ability to showcase your work with or without pricing.  Revealing pricing on the Web site is a very individual decision. Again, based on these templates, the ability to pull in your existing ETSY shop (or any other shop) with a widget is available if you desire.
What's the Difference Between Setting up a Shopping Cart & the External Cart Widget?
To set up a shopping cart specifically for your site is a huge undertaking; this takes hours of set up time. If you're already selling your work on ETSY, BigCartel, or another marketplace, pulling in your work shouldn't be too difficult. I'll do this with a WordPress widget that a 3rd party has built for free. Take a look at SteampunkStewie.com. It's a live site using the ETSY widget and you can see it in action. LSD+M-SPSScreenShot
What's the Difference Between Email Opt-In Integration & External Mail Service?
Email Opt-In Integration is an easy way of capturing emails on your Web site. I will be using a widget to do this. An External Mail Service is a 3rd party application that you pay for to send out fancy emails to your email lists. This is not included in your template. You can choose to select and pay for an external mail service (MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc) or you can send emails from your own email inbox. As always, the choice is yours.
Can I make changes to my Web Site?
Yes, you sure can. Once your Web site is uploaded to your ISP and incurs a full backup, then you can make changes to your heart's content. Your new web site will be on the Wordpress platform. This is perfect for accessing it and making changes as often as you need. You can also access Wordpress anywhere in the World, on any computer. You can give someone you trust access to make changes, too, with a password that you create. Another reason I’m creating Web sites on Wordpress is because I believe the biggest obstacle for any small business is waiting for their designer/family member/kidnextdoor to make changes on a timely basis. Wordpress empowers you to make changes whenever you want them.
I'm Not Feeling Confident About Making Changes, Can You Help Me?
I completely understand. I would be delighted to help. Since I'm a woman who likes options, I've got a couple of options for you in the terms of: Versatile Support Many clients keep me on as their Admin in case things go terribly wrong. I can get you out of the jam without breaking a sweat. Have you hit save before you made ‘that change?’ No problem! Because you'll be making updates yourself, how much support do you think you’ll want?
  • MUY (make updates yourself) Major Your Web site is up and running, now you just want to make the updates yourself.
  • MUY (make updates yourself) Minor Your Web site is up and running but you need help making updates occasionally.
When you decide, let me know! I'm here if you need my help.
When Do I Get My Web Site ?
Your Web site draft will be created under a special name on my Web site (ie. yoursite.lisastewartdesignstudio.com). There you will be able to see your choice template and review all the content I've received from you. This will be live but no one will know that it exists. This is called the sandbox. Once you approve all the content and are happy with your sandbox version of your new Web site, I will upload it to your ISP upon receiving your final project payment. After your Web site has undergone a backup, then you can make changes to your hearts content.

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