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For Small Business Just Like Yours

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Modern Design + Marketing

For Small Business Just Like Yours

Web Sites | Logo/ID Design | Marketing

Are you creating an emotional connection with your customer?

Customers support businesses they love. Are you making your ideal customer feel good?
I can help.

With great design, I help make your customers feel good.

In addition to looking good, your customers experiences with your services must feel good, too.

As the core of our design business, we craft unique design solutions that create an emotional impact.
These services include Logo and ID systems, Web sites, Product Development, Small Business Marketing, & Workshops.

Web + Mobile

One Page, Multipage, Shopping Carts, Landing Pages, Email Campaigns, Digital Graphics, & Animations.

Graphic Design

Logo/ID Systems, Letterhead, Business Card, Book, Manual, Magazine, Brochures, Typography.

Integrated Marketing

Small business marketing, marketing programs, branding systems, social media campaigns, product introduction.


Lisa stands out in her ability to find beauty in the mundane and elegance in the simple. Her portfolio speaks for itself. She is an established and respected artist — well recognized for her visionary designs, creations, and entrepreneurial accomplishments. A perfect blend of creativity and technical skills, she is at ease in any audience and can communicate on all levels. Fluent in both print based media and tangible products, her work translates across all potential clients, customers, or employers who may seek her services. Lisa has always been willing to offer her assistance to those in need. I recommend her for any endeavor she chooses to pursue. Guaranteed to deliver results.

Jim Croom

Business Strategy, John Deere

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